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Children express their emotional experiences and needs through creative methods using art and play. 

Our Child Psychologists believe that it is important that we meet each child where they are at developmentally, without pushing too much. This allows each child to feel safe and to build trust their Psychologist as a new adult in their life, which will lead to further emotional expression. Our Child Psychologists work with children to help them understand what they are feeling, learn how to express these emotions in healthy ways (rather than aggressively or holding them in), and make meaning of their life experiences.

Using art, sandplay and play-based therapy helps adults connect with children, as we are speaking their language. It helps children feel heard,  seen, and understood. Children learn that it is okay to address their fears, worries, and big emotions. We look forward to helping your little ones learn valuable therapeutic tools and coping skills!

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     Art and play-based therapy shows us the inner world of children and can be deeply reparative. - Vanessa Goodchild


Art therapy is a great way for children and adults alike to express deeper emotions and communicate current struggles in their lives. It's also a creative way to display your goals and vision for a better future life. Lots of art materials are used in session, including: markers, crayons, stickers, coloured paper, paint, pastels, play-doh, pom-poms, worry boxes, journals, and more.


Sandplay-based therapy allows children to display their inner world in a therapeutic sandbox, using figurines and other helpful objects. As children go through the process of building their experiences in the sand and describing them to a trained Child Psychologist, they begin to make sense of their struggles. Healing occurs when fear, past trauma, and worries no longer control childrens' lives as they learn how to cope effectively.


Play therapy allows children the freedom and space to communicate what is going on inside. Children may choose to play with stuffed animals, dolls, or figurines, and use various props to help them express how they feel in certain situations. Together with a trained Child Psychologist, they can learn how to handle tough situations and big emotions in safe, respectful, and effective ways.

Therapists who specialize in Child Psychology:

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Vanessa Goodchild

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Cristina Orobio

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Danielle Charron

Edmonton Psychologist

Carly Prive

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Samantha Naidu

teen Edmonton Psychologist

Kristen Brown

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Mikyla Cleary

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