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This is offered as a means to determine appropriate fit for services. To respect social distancing guidelines, sessions are via phone or video at this time.

At Solace Psychology, I believe in treating the individual as a whole, meaning that we will work together to achieve overall life balance and wellness. Depending on your needs and preferences I will use a variety of evidence-based approaches, as I do not believe in the "one approach fits all" perspective. We all bring unique strengths and challenges to the table and it is important to honour these. We will work together to establish goals for therapy and a roadmap, so that you feel comfortable and at ease with the process.

   Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. - Brené Brown

Person-Centered Therapy

I primarily work from a person-centered approach, meaning that I will meet you where you are at in your healing journey. My job is to guide and walk along side you as you discover your inner strengths and capabilities. Our work will be grounded in respect, non-judgment, acceptance, and trust. No matter what you are going through, I am here to help you find your way through.

Approaches That I Draw Upon:

Children express their emotional experiences and needs through creative methods using art and play. Play is the language of children, so when we use play in therapy, we can get a glimpse into a child’s inner world. Read more…

CBT is the gold-standard treatment approach for anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. Research shows that CBT can even be more effective than medication, and have longer-lasting effects. CBT teaches you how to break the cycle of negative, distorted thinking that often leads to emotional distress and unhealthy behaviours, like isolation and avoidance. You will learn valuable tools to rewire your brain and change how you view yourself and your future. Read more…

If you describe yourself as highly emotional or moody, are easily triggered, and tend to have ongoing crisis situations, DBT may be the right fit for you. DBT teaches you how to manage distress, express your emotions effectively, live in the present moment, and rebuild meaningful relationships with those you love. Read more…

EFT draws on attachment and love in relationships. You and your loved one will learn how to change the way you both respond to each other to foster a healthier, more effective communication pattern. You both will learn how to really understand each other’s perspectives, as well as support and comfort each other in ways that really work. Trust, emotional safety, and comfort are all strengthened as you attend therapy together. Read more…

EMDR is the first line treatment for healing from emotional distress relate to past trauma (or PTSD symptomology). EMDR heals the core of your pain so that your past does not continue to trigger and distress you. Read more…

Mindfulness  and meditation allow you to slow down and recharge, so that you can focus on how you are actually doing. As you allow yourself space to let go of daily stressors, you can become anchored in the present moment. This brings you to a place of being grounded, calm, and at peace. Read more…

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